Saturday, April 16, 2011

Emerson College shows young artists how to become entrepeneurs:

By Allison Knothe
Boston Globe
These things aren’t just a big part of college living. For some Emerson College students, they’re businesses that they’re starting after having gone through the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship program, or E3. The program trains students how to begin and run a start-up by teaching skills such as drawing up financial forecasts and developing marketing strategies.
Since it started in 2005, more than 30 student businesses that range from a public relations firm to a company that rents local artwork to offices have been created through the program. On April 23, 18 students in E3 will vie for $5,000 for their ventures by presenting their business plans during the program’s annual exposition. The expected crowd of 200 will include judges, venture capitalists, students, and family members.

Julia Kurz, an E3 student who plans to start a pole-dancing studio called Pole Star Dance, is organizing free pole dancing lessons during the expo. Kurtz has raised $40,000 from family and friends to fund her start-up, which aims to provide exercise and empowerment to women. The 21-year-old senior who is majoring in marketing communications hopes to win the $5,000 prize, but has other expectations as well.
“I’m just really excited to present my idea to a room full of people who don’t already know about it,’’ said Kurz, who already works part time as a pole dancing instructor teaching women up to age 65. “It’s sort of like my company’s little graduation into the real world.’’