Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bad year for Democrats? Think again.

I'm guessing that by November, more than a few voters will be pissed at the folks who:

a) Nixed their jobless benefits,

b) Killed their minimum wage hike,

c) Froze them out of medicaid coverage,

d) Tried fifty different times to take away their healthcare,

d) Shut down their polling places, their women's health clinics--not to mention their federal government, and then

e) Insisted that crazy people should be able to buy guns with no mandatory background checks. 

Can you guess which party I'm talking about? 

Hey, maybe Trey Gowdy will be tres successful in convincing a majority of voters to put "Benghazi Talking Points" at the top of America's 2014 voting agenda.

But I doubt it.