Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden night for ‘The Fighter’ in LA, Lowell:

Dicky Eklund and his daughter Kerry Moore, watching the Golden Globes Sunday night at Garcia Brogan’s Cantina in Lowell. (Jon Chase for The Boston Globe)

By Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein
January 18, 2011
“The Fighter’’ would seem to be an Oscar contender after Christian Bale and Melissa Leo both won Golden Globes for their performances in director David O. Russell’s film about boxer Micky Ward. Bale won best supporting actor for his portrayal of Ward’s formerly crack-addled half-brother Dicky Eklund while Leo was named best supporting actress for her role as Ward’s merciless mom, Alice Ward

Oddly, in her acceptance, Leo thanked Russell and Mark Wahlberg, who plays Ward in the film, but didn’t mention Alice. Now 80 and suffering from emphysema, Micky’s mom has been hospitalized of late. A few weeks ago, she went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing for more than 30 minutes before doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital were able to revive her. 

Leo went to see Ward at the hospital last Wednesday, and there apparently was some drama surrounding her visit. Members of the Ward family say the actress wanted to bring a camera crew, but they denied permission. “Can you imagine?’’ said one incredulous family friend. But Leo’s publicist told us yesterday that is “totally crazy’’ and the actress’s visit was always meant to be private. “When she heard how serious it was, Melissa completely rearranged her schedule because she really wanted to go and see Alice,’’ said publicist Jennifer Allen. The pair had a very pleasant visit, Allen said. . . . 

“The Fighter’’ was filmed in Lowell, and the Mill City celebrated the Golden Globes with a viewing party Sunday night at Garcia Brogan’s Cantina. In all, the boxer biopic was nominated for six Golden Globes, including best picture (drama), best director (Russell), best actor in a drama (Wahlberg), best supporting actress (Leo and Amy Adams), and best supporting actor (Bale).