Sunday, December 8, 2013

Senator Dick Durbin: Increasing the minimum wage does NOT kill jobs

“When you go back to the beginning of the minimum wage law under Franklin Roosevelt, 80 years ago, exactly the same arguments were made against it. Every time we’ve tried to raise the standard of living for hard working people at the low end of the income scale, they’ve said “Oh my goodness you’re just going kill off jobs.”

It isn’t just the minimum wage. It’s making sure that working Americans have access to affordable health insurance. It’s the earned income tax credit--that was created under President Ronald Reagan. We’ve got to make sure they keep up with the needs of working Americans.

These used to be consensus, bi-partisan issues. We’ve got to get back to that day, or the working folks across America are going to fall further and further behind.”

---Sen. Richard Durbin on ABC News "This Week"